Thursday, April 28, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Friday 29 Apr 2016
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The prime minister says settlement in New Zealand would be used by people smugglers as a 'marketing opportunity'
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Most of the world seems to agree a Donald Trump presidency is a disturbing possibility that would inflict unthinkable damage, Guardian reporters found
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Space Lightning over Texas

Space Weather News for April 28, 2016

"SPACE LIGHTNING" OVER TEXAS: Last night, a photographer in Texas captured a magnificent display of sprites dancing atop a powerful thunderstorm near Dallas. Sprites are an exotic form of lightning that shoot up from thunderstorms, reaching toward space. The Texas display shows that sprite season is now underway in the northern hemisphere. Visit for more information and observing tips.
Above: Sprites over Texas on April 27, 2016. Photo credit: Kevin Palivec
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Why Your Knees Hurt and What Helps

Knees are some of the most complex and abused joints in your body. Find out why they crack, what causes them to ache, and more.
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  Special: How Healthy Are Your Knees?
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8 Best Knee Exercises
Get a leg up on pain and boost your flexibility by strengthening the muscles that support your knees.
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Knee Replacement Step by Step
This surgery can help with severe arthritis pain and may help you walk easier, too.
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