Friday, November 11, 2016

Your Friday Evening Briefing

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Friday, November 11, 2016

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Evening Briefing

Your Friday Evening Briefing
Good evening. Here's the latest.

Al Drago/The New York Times
1. Vice President-elect Mike Pence, above center, will lead Donald Trump's transition effort, taking the reins from Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.
Mr. Trump now says he may be willing to leave in place two popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
He is holding meetings with his advisers in Trump Tower, which has been transformed into a kind of fortress by the Secret Service and the local police.
So far, the transition team includes some of the very same people Mr. Trump said had too much clout in Washington: corporate consultants and lobbyists.
Names circulating include Myron Ebell, an outspoken "climate contrarian," to head the Environmental Protection Agency.
Some of the foreign policy experts who derided Mr. Trump's campaign could also end up joining his administration.

Mark Makela for The New York Times
2. As the dust settles, Democrats are recognizing two central problems of Hillary Clinton's flawed candidacy.
After her decades in Washington and paid speeches for financial institutions, she couldn't connect with voters who felt rage at the establishment and Wall Street.
And she ceded white working-class voters, instead focusing on young, Latino and African-American voters who did not turn out for her as they did for President Obama.

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press
3. After the election, the West Coast feels a little like its own country.
In California, 61.5 percent of voters chose Mrs. Clinton, the highest percentage for a Democrat since 1936.
Residents also voted to legalize marijuana, making it legal along the entire West Coast. Above, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke at a rally in support of that issue on Tuesday.
There and in surrounding states, voters also embraced bilingual education, gun control, higher taxes and more funding for schools and transportation.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
4. Today is Veterans Day. With many World War II veterans in their twilight years, one teenager has started a nonprofit to record video interviews with them for posterity.
"These men are my biggest heroes and my closest friends," Rishi Sharma wrote on a crowdfunding site.
Above, a woman held photos of her nephew, Pfc. Le Ron A. Wilson, who was killed in Iraq at age 18, along the parade route in New York City.

Aaron Harris/Canadian Press, via Associated Press
5. Leonard Cohen, the masterly songwriter who died this week at 82, intoned his songs with serene gravity.
On his last album, "You Want It Darker," released less than a month ago, Mr. Cohen's voice had descended to a husky recitation, cushioned by choirs and string arrangements but as fearlessly flinty as ever, our critic writes.
His final ruminations were on mortality, love and a divinity that he faced and questioned to the very end. As always, he sought stark truth before comfort.

Odd Andersen/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
6. In Iraq, Islamic State militants are killing scores of civilians as troops advance toward the city of Mosul, the U.N. says.
The militants have forced children to kill and have used chemical agents against Iraqi and Kurdish forces, the agency said.
In one massacre, militants were said to have shot 40 civilians, then strung up their bodies from electricity poles. Above, Iraqi special forces in a quiet moment during the advance.

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
7. If you're wrestling with the major themes of this week's election, you may want to look to art for insight.
Here's a look at six recent plays that reckon with the lives of working-class Americans and others facing economic anxiety.
Four are onstage now in New York, two are available to read, and all of them are favorites of our critics. Above, "Sweat," at the Public Theater.

Terry Townshend
8. Chinese and British bird groups began tracking two cuckoo subspecies found near Beijing to unravel the puzzle of their winter getaways.
Turns out they cover thousands of miles, across a dozen countries and an ocean.
The "common cuckoo," as the species is called, is capable of exhilarating odysseys, despite a reputation as a not-so-great flier.

Jan Thijs/Paramount Pictures
9. The sci-fi film "Arrival," in theaters now, has some eerie extraterrestrials, but not a lot of action.
Instead, it "leans into feeling and thinking, and reminds you again that there's more to this genre than heavy artillery," our critic says.
Above, Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguistics professor who leads a team of investigators when spaceships touch down.

Evan Sung for The New York Times
10. Finally, Thanksgiving approaches.
Here are recipes you can make in advance, so you can focus on the turkey (and your guests) on the big day.
Pie crust, stock, bread as well as most cakes, casseroles and relishes can be made weeks in advance and frozen.
Have a great weekend.
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