Saturday, May 7, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Sunday 08 May 2016
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Malcolm Turnbull opens the 2016 election contest by visiting the governor-general. All the developments from Canberra
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Republicans worried about their electoral fortunes can look to the White House, whose occupant inspires the loathing that has fuelled the billionaire's rise
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Can Sex Get Better as You Age?

How many over 45 are satisfied with their sex life? Is it normal to want it less as you get older? And can doing it often lower your blood pressure?
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Can Food Affect Your Erection?
It might. Try eating and drinking these 11 things for help with ED and to boost your sex drive.
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Menopause and Sex Problems
Don't settle for a so-so sex life. Here are tips for dealing with changes in your body.
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Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone
Back off beer, go for glass, and see other things you can do to help raise your levels.
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