Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Guardian today: Theresa May warned of looming battle over devolution

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Monday 20 Mar 2017
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Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones says PM needs to ensure she engages with population over effects of Brexit, as she sets off on tour of UK
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Arsène Wenger remains determined to stay on at Arsenal for yet another cycle despite the club being mired in the worst sequence of Premier League results of his long tenure
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The Hindu: U.P. choice breaks the mould in Modi’s BJP

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THE HINDU March 20, 2017

U.P. choice breaks the mould in Modi's BJP

Post-2014, party Chief Ministers have kept a low profile, but Yogi Adityanath is an assertive leader in his own right

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VHP hopes Ram temple will be built

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BARC scientists probing how 2 nuclear reactors contracted 'small pox'

Toughened radiation-resistant pipes show 'small pox-like' nodular corrosion at the Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant in Gujarat Read more »

The Yogi and the magic of numbers

Will India's democrats let majoritarianism plant the seeds of counter-democracy? Read more »

Punjab elections 2017: Of deras, dynasties, and drugs

Amarinder Singh will have to make haste if he wants to upset this apple cart in Punjab Read more »

Air Force likely to get 123 LCA Tejas by 2024-25

To enable this Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is in the process of setting up a new assembly line.

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Maurya, Dinesh and the Sangh

U.P.'s Deputy CMs are both long-time workers of the RSS and its affiliates Read more »

Trump didn't refuse Merkel a handshake: Spicer

Spokesman says the President did not hear Angela Merkel's suggestion

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U.S., China to work together on N. Korea

'President Trump looks forward to enhancing understanding with Beijing' Read more »

The call for a large safety net

Social security cover for all, even informal workers, is an ambitious target for the Centre and stumbling blocks pave its path.

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Stayzilla — what lies beneath the ecosystem

Dispute raises questions on access to working capital for start-ups, prevailing sense of fairness Read more »

Pujara and Saha make a lasting impression

The duo flattens the Aussie attack with a 199-run partnership; Jadeja's double-strike tightens India's grip

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The healing touch

Meet Auto Raja, the saviour of Bengaluru's destitute

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Notes from Raipur

The capital of Chhattisgarh is still a city trying hard to grow out of its non-city persona, not always by choice it might seem Read more »

Ilaiyaraja sends legal notice to SPB

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