Thursday, August 4, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Friday 05 Aug 2016
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Leak says people upset at the treatment of youths at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre should look at the homes they come from
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After a ruthless, high-profile overhaul and the emergence of a new generation of Olympic stars, Australia is well set to vault back up the medal tally in Rio
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Follow live updates from the 2016 campaign as Donald Trump's disastrous week barrels on, with top Republicans declining invitations to Wisconsin rally
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JPL News - Day in Review


NASA Rover Game Released for Curiosity's Anniversary
Nearing the fourth anniversary of Curiosity landing on Mars, the rover works on collecting a 17th sample, while Earthlings can play a new social media game about Mars exploration.
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Study Maps Hidden Water Pollution in U.S. Coastal Areas
A new study finds coastal waters and water supplies along a fifth of U.S. coasts are vulnerable to pollution from hidden underground water transfers between oceans and land.
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Step Away From That Cocktail!

We explain when your weight, memory loss, pee habits, and more may be signs of a health problem.
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Special: Best and Worst Summer Drinks
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10 Refreshing Skinny Cocktails
Drinks like margaritas and mojitos don't have to be calorie bombs. These lighter libations are perfect for summertime sipping.
How to Kick the Soda Habit
The secret is finding something tasty – and healthy – to drink instead.
The Truth About Water
Do you really need 8 glasses a day? Is it possible to drink too much?
Don't Drink Your Calories
See which cocktail has 550 calories and 3 servings of alcohol – yikes!
Is Juice Good for You?
That depends on what kind you drink. See which juices to sip and which to skip.
Diabetes-Friendly Drinks
See how to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine without a blood-sugar spike.
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