Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Foods That Help Fight Depression

Did you know chicken has the same mood-boosting effect as an antidepressant? These other foods can also help relieve symptoms.
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  Women's Health
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Signs of Schizophrenia
It can cause hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia, and some symptoms may mimic other health conditions.
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Myths and Facts About Your Bones
Do bubbles in soda harm your bones? What about smoking?
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How to Keep Heart Failure in Check
Keeping your eye on these symptoms and following these other strategies may help you keep heart disease under control.
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Wednesday 16 Nov 2016
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Exclusive: All but one of RN's music programs expected to be cancelled, along with Afternoons and the religious affairs program Sunday Nights
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Boris Johnson​ has​ urged ​people to 'snap out of the doom and gloom'. Yet this situation is not normal. Convincing ourselves the president-elect doesn't mean everything he says is a fantasy that stops us seeing Trumpism for the barbarism it is
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