Saturday, May 21, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Sunday 22 May 2016
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Bill Shorten pledges to axe 2014 budget cut to pharmaceutical benefits scheme, which has been booked as saving $1.3bn but is blocked by the Senate
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He was the sober, Christian dance music pioneer – but then Moby found success... Now he's coming clean
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15 Laws of Attraction

Do opposites attract? Is "love at first sight" a real thing? What do "cuddle hormones" do? See how our bodies react to romance.
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  Special: The Science of Love
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Kiss and Tell
What's the longest-lasting Hollywood smooch? Can locking lips relieve stress? See how much you know.
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Feel Like a New Couple Again
Remember the early days, when you could talk for hours? Rekindle that excitement with these 8 tips.
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Does the G-Spot Exist?
And how often does the average American couple have sex? We separate fact from fiction.
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7 Unexpected Erogenous Zones
Exercises for Better Sex
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