Saturday, July 2, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Sunday 03 Jul 2016
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Labor's Richard Marles says a hung parliament is still in play as Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten await the results. Follow the day's news live
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There has been a fivefold increase in reports of hate crime since the day of the referendum
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From Labour infighting to the end of Boris Johnson, the shocking EU referendum result set into motion a series of events that no one could have predicted
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Prime minister says final results of cliffhanger election won't be known for days. All the developments live with Katharine Murphy
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Things That Look Scary (but Aren't)

From mystery bumps to a truly bizarre tongue condition, get the lowdown on 9 maladies that look much worse than they really are.
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  Special: Things That Look Scary (but Aren't)
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The Truth About Your Poop
Is it hard and lumpy? Soft and squishy? We explain what it can mean.
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Skin Lumps and Bumps
From cysts to warts, which are harmless, and which should you get checked by a doctor?
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All About Body Fluids
Is sweat smelly? What does mucus do? See how much you know.
Normal or Not?
Your Earwax
Your Pee
Your Period
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