Thursday, June 9, 2016

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the guardian today - Australia edition
Friday 10 Jun 2016
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Labor is expected to announce savings measures, including support for Hockey-era budget cuts, while the Coalition's advertising campaign switches from hopeful to negative. Follow all the developments with Katharine Murphy, live
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Buried platform measuring 184ft by 161ft 'has no parallels' at the ancient city and was discovered using satellite imagery to scan the surrounding land
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Robots to provide a steadying hand at the right time

06/09/2016 11:22 AM EDT

a man interacts with a robot

Many new robots look less like the metal humanoids of pop culture and more like high-tech extensions of ourselves and our capabilities.

In the same way eyeglasses, wheelchairs, pacemakers and other items enable people to see and move more easily in the world, so will many cutting-edge robotic systems. Their aim is to help people be better, stronger and faster. Further, due to recent advances, most are far less expensive than the Six Million Dollar Man.

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How Healthy Are Your Lungs?

Are they the same size? Do they hold less air as you age? What causes pneumonia? Breathe a sigh of relief -- we're sharing the answers.
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  Special: Lung Health
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Bronchitis Warning Signs
You can get it after a minor illness like a cold -- or it can stem from something more serious, like a chronic smoker's hack.
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14 Myths and Facts About COPD
"Many people have it and don't know it." "Once you get it, you'll never feel better." True or false?
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Breathe Easier
Get tips to treat breathing problems so you can lead an active life.
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