Monday, March 20, 2017

What's GDP got to do with you and me? Explore our new interactive


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How does your weekly shop affect GDP?

 What's GDP got to do with you and me? It's a way of working out how the economy is doing and it's a part of everyday life, from booking a cruise to having a pint down the local to the things you buy in your weekly shop. Want to know how your day to day activities affect GDP? Explore GDP in everyday situations through our new interactive.

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Want to know how your day to day activities affect GDP? Take a look around real life examples and explore for yourself with our latest interactive.

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Looking for local statistics?

A handy guide to let you know where to find local statistics.

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Discover how our census statistics help paint a picture of the nation and how we live.

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Visual.ONS is a website exploring new approaches to making ONS statistics accessible and relevant to a wide public audience.

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