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Newsline | 15.05.2017, 16:15 UTC

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Newsline 15.05.2017 | 16:15 UTC
Germany likely to pull troops out of Incirlik air base
The Berlin government is mulling moving its troops out of Turkey's Incirlik air base after a second snub by Ankara. A German political delegation was denied approval to visit Bundeswehr soldiers at the military facility.
UN needs $1.4 billion in help for South Sudanese refugees
The UN has appealed for more funding to help nearly two million people who have fled South Sudan. A World Food Programme (WFP) official called their suffering "unimaginable."
Putin blames US for weekend cyberattack
Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied Moscow was behind a global "ransomware" attack that hit 150 countries. He backed up Microsoft's assertion that the source of the virus was American intelligence services.
Zambia's opposition leader acquitted but remains in jail
A Lusaka Magistrate has acquitted Zambia's main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema on the charge of use of insulting language towards law enforcement officers. Hichilema remains in custody facing treason charges.
Opinion: When spies lose their secrets
Several hundred thousand computer systems were hit by the "WannaCry" virus. Those who created it aren't to blame, but rather the intelligence community, which was trying to exploit a security gap, says Konstantin Klein.
Nigeria: International Day of Families and the struggle for education amid insurgency
With this year's International Day of Families aiming to draw attention to education and well-being, DW examines the plight of young people in Nigeria who have had their futures disrupted by the Boko Haram insurgency.
Jewish life in Iran was 'always better than in Europe'
Iran is frequently at odds with Israel, despite having the second biggest Jewish community in the Middle East. DW's Theresa Tropper spoke with the director of Tehran's Jewish Committee, about why that is the case.

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