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What Your Body Language Reveals About You

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Sex and Relationships
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What Your Body Language Reveals About You
What does it mean when your romantic partner licks or wets their lips when talking about you? And what are you saying with your posture or facial expression?
Can Orgasms Add Years to Your Life?
Can you have an orgasm and not know it? Does the G spot really exist? The answers may surprise you.
Can Selfies Harm Your Health?
If you're posting them to help yourself feel better, you may want to rethink that approach. Here's why.
Does Your Partner Play Video Games Too Much?
People who play them excessively may soon find themselves diagnosed with a mental health condition.
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How Do You Know If He's 'The One'?
Every time this reader thinks she's found the right partner, something lets her know she's made a big mistake.
Biggest Sex Drive Killers
You want to want sex, but you just don't. See what might be causing your problem -- and what you can do about it.
Relationship Secrets
What Guys Wish You Knew
What Women Really Want
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