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Daily Bulletin | 17.04.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 17.04.2017 | 18:30 UTC
Erdogan left with a divided Turkey after referendum
By expanding his powers through a slim, contested victory in Sunday's referendum, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan has consolidated his rule - but over a nation bound for social turmoil. Diego Cupolo reports from Ankara.
OSCE: Turkey referendum 'contested on an unlevel playing field'
Observers have said the Turkish referendum fell short of international standards, arguing both sides did not have equal campaign opportunities. Turkey's president said monitors should not criticize, but know their place.
North Korean diplomats warn US of 'all out war'
Various North Korean diplomats have responded to the recent rising of tensions between the country and the United States. The statements followed US VP Pence's visit to the Demilitarized Zone on the Koreas' border.
French president frontrunners Macron and Le Pen kick off final campaign push in Paris
Less than a week before France heads to the polls, independent Emmanuel Macron and far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen are kicking off their final campaigning with rallies in Paris. Protests are expected against Le Pen.
Plane crash
Deadly plane crash outside Portugal supermarket
Five people have died after an airplane crashed into the car park of a supermarket near the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, according to local media. Reports said that the aircraft exploded in the air, shortly after takeoff.
Pence visits DMZ border zone day after North Korea missile test
The US vice president has made a trip to an American base in South Korea close to the heavily fortified border with North Korea. He said the US "era of strategic patience" with Pyongyang was over.
Palestinians in Israeli jails launch mass hunger strike
More than 1,000 Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli jails have launched an open-ended hunger strike following calls from prominent prisoner Marwan Barghouti. The strike coincides with the annual Palestinian Prisoners Day.
Possible road bumps ahead for Tesla and electric cars
Electric cars are all the rage of late, but how secure is their future? Tesla is facing the prospect of a strike in Germany - just one problem that could put the brakes on the current darling of the market's growth.
Champions League preview: Lewandowski to return for Bayern as Real's Bale is ruled out
We look ahead to the second part of the heavyweight contest between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, who will be boosted by the return of star striker Robert Lewandowski from injury as they look to overturn a 2-1 deficit.

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