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Newsline | 17.04.2017, 16:15 UTC

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Newsline 17.04.2017 | 16:15 UTC
Ex-Afghan president calls US bomb drop an 'atrocity': report
Hamid Karzai has spoken out against the US decision to drop the MOAB bomb on Afghanistan. His interview comes the same day a top Trump official tours South Asia to speak with regional leaders.
Macron: German trade surplus bad for eurozone
French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron has called for a "rebalancing" of Germany's trade surplus. He said the Berlin government's economic policy was hurting the eurozone.
India's Modi wants to lift the curtain on ties with Israel
Ever since India established diplomatic ties with Israel 25 years ago, not a single Indian premier has visited the Jewish state. PM Narendra Modi wants to change it, highlighting the intensifying bilateral partnership.
Cameroonians stage 'silent protest' to demand internet
Internet users in Cameroon have once again taken to the streets urging their government to restore internet connectivity in English-speaking regions. Monday marks three months since internet services were cut off.
Erdogan left with a divided Turkey after referendum
By expanding his powers through a slim, contested victory in Sunday's referendum, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan has consolidated his rule - but over a nation bound for social turmoil. Diego Cupolo reports from Ankara.
Opinion: Turkish referendum must be a wake-up call for Germany
A large majority of Turks here in Germany voted in favor of extending Erdogan's authority. Germany needs to respond by taking a good, honest look at its sense of itself as an immigration country, says DW's Ines Pohl.

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