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Newsline | 18.04.2017, 16:15 UTC

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Newsline 18.04.2017 | 16:15 UTC
British public shocked as Theresa May calls snap election
With Britain's opposition in disarray, many voters feel the election will be a second vote on Brexit. Samira Shackle reports from London.
The Nyau cult: unmasking one of Africa's secret societies
Members of the Nyau brotherhood, who dance the famous "Gule Wamkulu," know how to keep their identities hidden. Now the group of initiated Chewa men in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique is getting a modern makeover.
The thuggery of 'anti-Romeo' squads causes a stir in India
The so-called "anti-Romeo" squads meant to curb instances of sexual harassment of girls in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh have morphed into vigilante gangs attacking innocent civilians. Murali Krishnan reports.
ocean mysteries
First living giant shipworm found in Philippines
There are new images of a strange, mud-dwelling sea creature previously only known to exist thanks to fossils. The freaky creature lives in an incredibly harsh environment, turning a noxious chemical into energy.
What happens now following the 'yes' vote in the Turkish referendum?
The referendum to change Turkey into an "executive presidential system" has passed with the narrowest of margins. DW examines the next steps in the transition period as the constitution undergoes an overhaul.
Australia ends 457 visa program for skilled workers to 'put Australians first'
Australia is to abandon a visa program for skilled foreign workers and replace it with a stricter scheme. The aim is to give Australian workers priority for jobs.
UK police arrest Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya
The former liquor and aviation baron has been arrested in London on behalf of authorities in India, where he is wanted on charges of fraud and bank demands that he pay back more than a billion dollars in loans.

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