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Newsline | 19.04.2017, 16:15 UTC

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Newsline 19.04.2017 | 16:15 UTC
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UK parliament votes 522 to 13 to back June 8 general election
The British Prime Minister Theresa May has won the vote in parliament to back her call for an early general election. She said the result will help unify parliament behind her Brexit plan and prevent instability.
The human tragedies at the Mexican wall
Her everyday work involves helping deported immigrants at the US-Mexico border. Jana Echterhoff, a volunteer, cannot get the stories of the stranded migrants out of her head. Alexandra von Nahmen reports from Nogales.
Cameroon: diabetics at risk due to insulin scarcity
Diabetec patients in Cameroon are facing a severe shortage of insulin. Concerns are rising that many could end up dying if they don't get the drug. The government has put the blame on the pharmaceutical supply chain.
Former UK finance minister Osborne quits parliament, for now
George Osborne's announcement came via the Russian-owned "Evening Standard" newspaper where he has been appointed editor. A leading EU remain campaigner, he was fired as finance minister when May took over.
Turkey election board rejects referendum annulment appeals
Turkey's top election authority has voted against annulling the referendum to further empower President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Main opposition parties had challenged the results following complaints of vote-rigging.
environmental law
US environmentalists move from Capitol Hill to the courts
The battle against US President Donald Trump's rollback of environmental protections is increasingly being fought in the legal arena, with new lawsuits recently launched to stop actions on pesticides and Arctic drilling.
UN Holocaust files reveal Allies' knowledge
The UN War Crimes Commission has finally released files that show the Allies knew much more about the Holocaust during WWII than previously thought. Cold War politics kept the files locked away.

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