Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NLM Announcements

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April 26th NCBI Minute: Medical Genetics Summaries on the NCBI Bookshelf - a pharmacogenomics resource for clinicians

04/19/2017 02:43 PM EDT

Next Wednesday, April 26, 2017, NCBI staff will introduce the Medical Genetics Summaries, a growing collection of reviews available on the NCBI Bookshelf. Each chapter of this book highlights the impact of genetic variations on response to drugs (pharmacogenomics). By the end of this NCBI Minute, you will be able to use the Medical Genetics Summaries to find information about a particular drug, including known impacts of genetic variation on drug response (efficacy, toxicity, side effects) and identify actionable information, including information about relevant genetic testing and how to interpret the test results in order to optimize therapy based on a patient's genotype.
04/19/2017 02:30 PM EDT

We were curious. What is going on in Ivan Ovcharenko's group in NCBI's Computational Biology Branch? On the sixth floor of NLM's Lister Hill Center, Dr. Ivan Ovcharenko and his team are deciphering what he calls the "second language" of the human genome. He explains, "The primary language of genomes—which represents the genetic code of…

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