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Around the Globe | 19.05.2017, 16:00 UTC

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Around the Globe 19.05.2017 | 16:00 UTC
NGO blames water pollution in S.Sudan on oil company
Drinking water around an oil-producing area in South Sudan is heavily polluted. A German NGO puts the blame on Malaysian oil company Petronas. It has also become a subject of embarrassment for carmaker Daimler.
Where white nationalists and Zionists meet
White nationalists blame Jews for everything from the "problem" of racial integration to swings in world economic trends. Yet in the United States, they look to Israel as a model of the ethno-state they wish to emulate.
INDABA 2017 showcases the best of African tourism
The annual tourism exhibtion plays host to more than 20 African countries seeking to endorse the natural beauty and culture they have to offer international visitors.
Sieren's China: The battle for a more secure internet
A controversial cybersecurity law comes into effect on June 1 in China. Recent global cyberattacks make it harder to criticize the measure, DW's Frank Sieren writes.
Trump in Israel: the peace process, the embassy question and a self-inflicted wound
During his campaign Donald Trump made bold promises related to Israel that he must face on his first official visit to the country. But he also has to deal with an unexpected issue of his own making.
Merkel says Britain to get 'fair' treatment in Brexit process
Angela Merkel has promised that Britain will be "treated fairly" by the EU after it leaves the bloc while also reiterating that Brexit would come at a price. Negotiations on the UK's departure are set to begin in June.
Instant divorce debate exposes rifts among India's Muslims
India's Supreme Court is expected to soon deliver its verdict on a contentious divorce practice that violates the right to gender equality of Muslim women. The issue pits constitutional rights against religious custom.
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