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Daily Bulletin | 19.05.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 19.05.2017 | 18:30 UTC
Swedish prosecutors drop rape probe against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was defiant after Swedish prosecutors dropped an investigation into an allegation of rape. The move brings to an end a seven-year legal standoff, but UK police may still arrest him.
Far-right Identitarian Movement group attempts to storm German Justice Ministry
A large group of self-proclaimed anti-jihadis rushed the ministry after the introduction of an anti-hate speech law. Police quashed the assault as protesters unfurled banners against "thought police."
Report: Far-right network active at German military university
The Bundeswehr's university has come under scrutiny as claims of far-right extremism in the German military continue to mount. Defense Minister von der Leyen, meanwhile, also finds herself under increasing pressure.
German President Steinmeier hopes to repair EU-Poland ties
Germany President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said external upheaval made it necessary for Warsaw and Poland to make amends. The EU is investigating Poland's nationalist government for violating the bloc's rules.
Merkel says Britain to get 'fair' treatment in Brexit process
Angela Merkel has promised that Britain will be "treated fairly" by the EU after it leaves the bloc while also reiterating that Brexit would come at a price. Negotiations on the UK's departure are set to begin in June.
Trump in Saudi Arabia - counterterrorism and weapons deals
Air Force One will touch down in Saudi Arabia for US President Donald Trump's first foreign trip. In Riyadh, he will speak against radical Islam and seek to close an arms deal - far away from the problems at home.
German justice minister defends controversial anti-hate speech legislation
The Bundestag is debating a draft law to force social media platforms to delete illegal content more quickly. Critics fear that it is too imprecise and could restrict freedom of speech. The justice minister disagrees.
Steinhaus to become Bundesliga's first female referee
The Bundesliga is about to get its first female referee. This comes after the German football association included Bibiana Steinhaus on its list of match officials for the coming season.
For Marco Sturm, Germany are very much a work in progress
Germany made it to the quarterfinals of the ice hockey world championship for a second straight year, which would usually be regarded as a success. However, for coach and GM Marco Sturm, much work remains to be done.
Brooks Macek: 'You have to approach it as just another hockey game'
Winnipeg-born Brooks Macek played in Germany's quarterfinal match against Canada. He told DW how one approaches a game against the country in which you were born - and how proud he is of the tournament his team played.
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