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Daily Bulletin | 17.05.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 17.05.2017 | 18:30 UTC
Macron unveils new French cabinet
New French President Emmanuel Macron's government includes names from across the political spectrum. The appointments reflect an attempt to bridge political divides ahead of parliamentary elections in June.
Merkel warns UK cap on EU immigration post-Brexit would have 'its price'
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of consequences in case Britain restricted EU immigration. Her comment came as Nigel Frage delivered his own warning to the EU Parliament.
Few international consequences for Trump's intelligence chatter
Key US allies have expressed their willingness to continue exchanging intelligence with the United States. Vladimir Putin has offered to provide "proof" that Donald Trump did not share any secrets with Russian officials.
German-Turkish signs at Mannheim McDonald's decried as racist
The McDonald's sign in one language points customers towards a wealthy, safe part of town. A sign in another language points towards a run-down neighborhood. Can you guess which sign is in German?
Berlin terrorist Anis Amri was a known drug dealer
Up to six months before Amri killed 12 people, police allegedly had enough evidence to jail him for dealing drugs. Now it seems they tried to cover up their knowledge of his extensive criminality.
North Korea's reality hits home in South
Amid the recent tensions in the Korean Peninsula, DW takes a look at the defector reality TV shows that are providing a rare opportunity for South Koreans to learn more about life for their counterparts in the North.
Russia steps up North Korea support to constrain US
In spite of international sanctions on North Korea's communist regime, Russia has been increasing fuel exports to Pyongyang and filling in the supply gap created by China halting trade. Julian Ryall reports.
France: 'Unemployment is our biggest economic problem'
France's President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled his new cabinet. It inherits a difficult legacy, in particular a sluggish economy dogged by years of high unemployment. DW's Doris Pundy reports from Paris.
World in Progress: Against all odds
This week, we'll hear from people who've overcome all sorts of struggles in their lives: We meet a woman in Australia who was taken from her Aboriginal family decades ago and put in a foster home, a pastor with a criminal past who's helping kids survive in Mexico and women in Tanzania who marry other women to secure their future after their husbands have died. And: attacks on human rights.
Hoffenheim's Demirbay chooses Germany over Turkey
Among the players that Joachim Löw has nominated for the Confederations Cup is Kerem Demirbay, who was also eligible to play for Turkey. The Hoffenheim midfielder chose Germany at the last minute.
Löw names six debutants for Confederations Cup
Germany head coach Joachim Löw has named six new players to his roster for this summer's Confederations Cup. Among those getting his first call up to the national team is 29-year-old Hoffenheim striker Sandro Wagner.
Miroslav Klose: 'Football can change the world'
World Cup winner Miroslav Klose is now at the German FA working on his coaching badges. He spoke to DW about his years abroad and the role football can play in integrating newcomers.
Coach Sturm has Germany moving in the right direction again
Germany made it all the way to the semifinals in 2010 the last time the world championship was played here. After some dark days for the national team since then, coach Marco Sturm has Germany back on the right track.

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