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Newsline | 17.05.2017, 16:15 UTC

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Newsline 17.05.2017 | 16:15 UTC
Macron unveils new French cabinet
New French President Emmanuel Macron's government includes names from across the political spectrum. The appointments reflect an attempt to bridge political divides ahead of parliamentary elections in June.
Macedonia president gives opposition leader mandate to form government
A Macedonian opposition leader has been given the official go-ahead to form a government. The decision could bring an end to months of political instability in the Eastern European country.
Explosion at Polish gunpowder factory kills workers
An explosives factory that was founded in 19th century Prussia has exploded for the fourth time in its recorded history. Two people have died in the latest accident.
Germany's contribution to the African economy
Africans in Germany transfer more money to their countries of origin than that which comes from development aid. Much of it gets sent to family and friends. The government wants to change that.
Tackling the security crisis in Somalia
As Somalia continues to suffer from ongoing violence and a possible famine in the near future, the international community is working together to address the country's poor state of affairs.
North Korea's reality hits home in South
Amid the recent tensions in the Korean Peninsula, DW takes a look at the defector reality TV shows that are providing a rare opportunity for South Koreans to learn more about life for their counterparts in the North.
France: 'Unemployment is our biggest economic problem'
France's President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled his new cabinet. It inherits a difficult legacy, in particular a sluggish economy dogged by years of high unemployment. DW's Doris Pundy reports from Paris.

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