Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Morning Mail: Exclusive – brutality on Manus revealed, Chelsea Manning released from prison, Pell on abuse allegations

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Thursday 18 May 2017
Chelsea Manning released from prison

Chelsea Manning released from prison

Good morning, and welcome to the Morning Mail.

Among the stories leading our website this morning: Chelsea Manning, the army private who released a vast trove of US state secrets and was punished by the US military for months in penal conditions denounced by the UN as torture, has been released from a military prison in Kansas after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence.

Timeline: Chelsea Manning's long journey to freedom

Keep reading for the rest of the top stories this morning, with more news from around Australia and the world.


Self-harm, suicide and assaults: brutality on Manus revealed
Exclusive: Secret papers show 16 self-harm and suicide attempts in one week at Australia's offshore detention centre

'The pill mill of America': where drugs mean there are no good choices, only less awful ones
For six days in Portsmouth, Ohio, I keep trying to fool myself. Eventually, I am unable to just watch and listen

Trump: 'No politician in history has been treated more unfairly'
President addresses coast guard graduates amid series of scandals, and complains: 'Look at the way I've been treated lately, especially by the media'

Penny Wong says marriage equality fight proves need for separation of church and state
Labor politician criticises Australian Christian Lobby for campaigning against Safe Schools anti-bullying program

Coalition won't reveal conditions attached to Gonski 2.0 until mid-2018
Revised timeline means extra funding will begin flowing to schools before states have agreed to any federal conditions

Australian news and politics

George Pell on child sexual assault allegations: 'I'd just like to restate my innocence'
Cardinal faces reporters in Rome as Australian police consider whether charges should be laid against him

Australia's 2018 gas shortage will not eventuate, report shows
Predicted shortfall no longer on horizon – and opening up new coal seam gas fields will not bring down prices, researchers say

Increased housing at top end not 'trickling down' to help poor, report finds
Less than 5% of approvals for new homes are in the bottom 20% of the house and unit real price distribution

Australian banks to be forced to show regulator how they set mortgage rates
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reveals how it will use new information-gathering powers and extra funding

Bank lobby attacks Coalition over confidentiality agreements
Anna Bligh says 'a bad tax has now become a secret tax' but Scott Morrison says agreements are normal practice

Flood warnings for Queensland and western NSW as rain band approaches
Some areas will get several months' worth of rain in a couple of days at the weekend, forecasters warn

Chris Bowen won't say whether Labor would repeal company tax cuts
Shadow treasurer steps around questions on surplus and company tax, but says government's claims of returning to surplus in 2020-21 may not hold up

Around the world

'Why must I live in fear?' Mexico shaken after yet another journalist murdered
On Monday in Sinaloa, Javier Valdez was gunned down in broad daylight – the latest reporter to be caught up in Mexico's wave of drug-related violence

Enda Kenny announces resignation as Fine Gael leader
Ireland's prime minister to step down at midnight on Wednesday, paving way for new head of government

Unmarried couple stoned to death in Mali for 'violating Islamic law'
The man and woman were put in two holes dug by ringleaders before four people attacked them, local official says

France's Macron selects his government from left, right and centre
New president carried out his promise to appoint the same number of women as men – but just one gets a top role

Venezuela president says politicians are 'the new Jews that Hitler pursued'
Maduro compares harassment of government officials amid economic chaos to what Jews faced, saying: 'We are going to defeat these 21st-century Nazis'

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 Is our Universe just one of many? Photograph: NASA/Alamy Stock Photo

Multiverse: have astronomers found evidence of parallel universes? To many these past 12 months seem as if we have already slipped into a parallel universe but Brexit and Trump are nothing compared to the alternate universes some astronomers are contemplating. Have an excellent day and if you spot something I've missed, let me know on Twitter at @earleyedition.
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