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Daily Bulletin | 17.07.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 17.07.2017 | 18:30 UTC
Thuringia leader slams neo-Nazi concert free speech protection
The leader of Thuringia in eastern Germany says people's right to assembly should be redefined to combat right-wing extremist music events. This comes after some 6,000 neo-Nazis attended a concert in the town of Themar.
Shooting scare at German school near Stuttgart
Police in the southwestern German town of Esslingen say they are searching for a teenager who reportedly entered a school with a gun. Officers say the suspect fled the premises on a motorbike.
UAE denies Qatar media hack that set off diplomatic crisis
The United Arab Emirates has rejected a report alleging it arranged for the Qatari government's news sites to be hacked. The incident has sparked a diplomatic crisis and left Qatar largely isolated in the Gulf region.
Rioting breaks out at festival in southern German town
Police in the southern German town of Schorndorf have increased their presence after violence at a public festival. At least two cases of sexual harassment were reported.
Turkey extends state of emergency by a further three months
The extension will grant the government continued authority to rule by decree and restrict rights. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested the state of emergency could last several years.
Italy deals blow to citizenship rights for migrants
Italy's government has delayed a hotly-contested vote on a citizenship rights bill as tensions rise over the number of migrants arriving on the country's shores. Megan Williams reports from Rome.
EU holds off on sanctions amid growing unrest in Venezuela
Spain's foreign minister has urged the EU to consider sanctioning Venezuela if Nicolas Maduro goes ahead with changing the constitution. But the bloc's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says there's time to wait.
Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton celebrate British Grand Prix victory
The Mercedes driver set the fastest lap and stepped out of his car only one point behind Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel in the championship. Hamilton celebrated by leaping into the crowd and being held aloft by fans.
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