Monday, July 17, 2017

The Daily - New TSA Machines May Help You Get Through Security Easier

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Monday, July 17, 2017
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For once there's some good news about airport security screening. Soon you may not have to remove as many items from your carry-on, thanks to new baggage scanning technology being tested by the TSA.
An alarming number of older Americans are not up to date on their vaccines, including ones for tetanus, shingles, pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza. Learn why keeping track of vaccinations is so important to your health.
What are the hottest travel trends for boomers? It turns out that they're all over the map. We'll start by looking at what's most popular among the 50s and 60s set.
Having left a growing number of people addicted, imprisoned or simply dead, the opioid epidemic has robbed many children of their parents. Meet the new caregivers who are stepping up to fill in the gaps.
Is there a vacant shopping mall near you? Developers are converting some once-dormant properties into much-needed centers that are providing a different kind of service.
If your pet could stand to drop a few pounds, he or she may be having an oversize effect on your wallet, too. Overweight animals cost their owners significantly more, and not just because of the extra kibble.
We love caregivers, and we want to put them in the spotlight. So if you have a family caregiving story, tell us about it! We'll give you a $50 gift card as a thank-you — because your story matters.
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Your next job may be just a few clicks away. Search-engine giant Google recently announced a new functionality that aggregates job postings from all over the internet.
Have you ever delayed or avoided making a medical appointment because you wanted to lose weight first? Join a conversation about this in the Online Community.
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