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Daily Bulletin | 16.05.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 16.05.2017 | 18:30 UTC
Ukrainian Defense Minister tells DW Minsk agreement 'only alternative' for Donbass
Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has spoken to DW following meetings in Berlin with his German counterpart. Poltorak said the Minsk agreement was the 'only alternative' to fighting with Russia.
Trump defends intelligence sharing, but Russian media call report 'fake' news
US President Donald Trump says he had an "absolute right" to share intelligence with Russia. However, Moscow-based media contradict reports that Trump revealed classified information to Kremlin emissaries at all.
Iran reformist Eshaq Jahangiri drops out of election race, backs President Rouhani
Reformist candidate Eshaq Jahangiri, a deputy to President Hassan Rouhani, has dropped out of Iran's presidential election days before the vote. The widely expected move was likely to boost support for the incumbent.
Germany's highest court rules IP addresses may be saved in interest of cybersecurity
Cybersecurity takes priority over a person's data protection rights in some cases, the Federal Court has ruled. This specifically refers to the right to save IP addresses as defense against cyberattacks.
Could EU-Singapore trade ruling make for slow Brexit?
The EU's top court has ruled that national parliaments have the right to veto an EU free trade deal with Singapore. The decision could impact the UK's strategy as it seeks to quickly hammer out a Brexit trade agreement.
Germany to deliver more submarines to Singapore
Germany and Singapore have inked a contract on the delivery of two more submarines for the Asia Pacific nation. Countries in the area have all stepped up their efforts to strengthen their navies.
France fines Facebook over 'targeted advertising'
French regulator CNIL has penalized the US social network for failing to protect its users' data, with the fine being relatively modest, but marking a new phase in the spat between Facebook and the EU.
The German military and its troubled traditions
The German army has been rocked by widening revelations about far-right sympathizers in its ranks and a lingering devotion to the Nazi-era Wehrmacht. So how does the Bundeswehr deal with its history?
Jan Ullrich takes sporting director post at Cologne cycling race
Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich has announced that he is returning to cycling. Ullrich, who was banned for doping five years ago, is to become the sporting director of a major race in Germany.
Former Germany player Tripp: 'Draisaitl on his way to becoming a top-10 NHL player'
Germany face Latvia in a game that will decide who will advance to the quarterfinals of the worlds. DW asked former Germany player John Tripp for his views on the tournament and the prospects for the German team.

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