Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Preventive health measures for women with lupus (NEW infographic!)

Whether you're 15, 25, or 60, there's plenty for you to know.
Lupus Foundation of America
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Put On Purple Day is Friday, May 19! Getting involved is easy - wear purple, tell others why and let them know where to donate. This year, we are dedicating Put on Purple Day to advancing lupus research and building the next generation of lupus researchers.

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Women's Health at Every Age
When most women hear the term "reproductive health" they think about pregnancy. But there's more to the female life cycle than having children. Check out this article and NEW infographic highlighting what women with lupus need to be concerned with throughout their life-span.

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Policy Summit to Include FDA, NIH
Next month's empowering National Policy Summit on Capitol Hill provides direct access to the very leaders who are funding and implementing programs to advance lupus research, education and awareness. Find out who will be there and what to expect at this two-day event.

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A Son Remembers -- And Gives Back
Elijah White, 25, is taking part in a lupus clinical trial in hopes that the medication will stop his kidney disease from worsening. But that's not the only reason lupus research is so important to him.
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Three Ways You Can Improve Lupus Research
Both researchers and patients have an essential role to play for research to succeed. Find out how people with lupus can share expertise on their disease and enable research teams to ask the right questions and design the right tools.
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Sharing The Journey
This month, we asked Sharing the Journey participants what challenges they face to eating healthy and how they overcome those challenges. Check out what they said and get tips on what to eat to feel your best.
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Upcoming Events

Have you registered to attend this year's National Policy Summit? We're only six weeks away from this empowering two-day event that has a direct and significant impact on people living with lupus and their families. We've put together an exciting program and schedule of activities for the Summit set for June 26-27 on Capitol Hill. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your story and educate Members of Congress about lupus, urge them to join our cause, and do more in the fight to end this cruel disease.

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Walk to End Lupus Now events are happening over the next four weekends in the following cities: Chicago, Ill., Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ga., Columbus, Ohio, Corpus Christi, Texas, Denver, Colo., Fayetteville, N.C., Galveston, Texas, Hampton Roads, Va., Memphis, Tenn., Ocean City, N.J., Omaha, Neb., Orange County, Calif., Orlando, Fla., Palm Beach, Fla., Washington, D.C, and Waterloo, Iowa.

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Social Testimonial
"I love being able to meet other lupus warriors, their caregivers, and the Foundation staff who work so tirelessly. While we are acutely aware of lupus and the need for research and a cure, a lot of people on the Hill appreciate learning more from us face to face. It's exhausting but totally worth it!! I can't wait! "

-Naazneen (Facebook) on the National Policy Summit

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