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Daily Bulletin | 12.07.2017, 18:30 UTC

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Daily Bulletin 12.07.2017 | 18:30 UTC
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Brazil's former President Lula sentenced to 9.5 years in jail
Lula has been found guilty of corruption and money laundering for his involvement in the "Car Wash" scandal that has permeated all ranks of Brazil's political system.
Colossal iceberg breaks off Antarctica
A chunk of ice the size of the US state of Delaware has broken off the Larsen C ice shelf, one of Antarctica's largest ice shelves. Scientists fear global warming is destabilizing Antarctic ice shelves.
G20: Police blacklisted journalists who 'worked in Turkish Kurdish regions'
At least 32 journalists at the G20 summit in Hamburg had their accreditations taken off them by German police without explanation, sparking press freedom concerns. Some had worked in the Kurdish regions of Turkey.
Germany 'stagnating' in cultural struggle with Russia, China
Russia and China are miles ahead of Europe when it comes to investing in social media campaigns and founding cultural institutes, a new study has found. Germany, in particular, has some catching up to do.
After G20, Mayor Olaf Scholz tells Hamburg he's sorry
Mayor Olaf Scholz has apologized to Hamburg for a difficult weekend. He previously said Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats should think again if they expect him to quit after G20 clashes between police and protesters.
EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier sets out tough stance for UK talks
The EU's Michel Barnier cited differences on citizens' rights, the bill to be paid by the UK and the issue of the Irish border. Barnier said he could hear the clock ticking towards the exit date of March 2019.
German milk cows arrive in Qatar as Saudi boycott continues
German cows have been flown into Qatar to be milked as Saudi Arabia's blockade of its neighbor continues. The country plans to fly in more cows from the United States and Australia.
Google escapes massive back taxes in France
A French court has ruled that the internet giant is not liable to pay more than one billion euros on profits channeled through its subsidiary in Ireland - a favorite among multinationals seeking lower taxes in the EU.
Tour de France: Marcel Kittel claims fifth victory in stage 11
Marcel Kittel has won back-to-back stages in the Tour de France, outsprinting the field on the final stretch of the 11th stage. He now has five stage wins in this year's Tour de France.
Wimbledon day nine: Andy Murray upset in quarterfinals
Reigning Wimbledon champion and World number one Andy Murray was eliminated by Sam Querrey in the quarterfinals. The two-time Wimbledon champ has yet to win a Grand Slam this year.
Is James Rodriguez really the right fit for Bayern Munich?
There's no doubting James Rodriguez's pedigree, but Bayern Munich's newest recruit sometimes struggled to find a niche at Real Madrid. With plenty of competition at his new club, there are question as to how he fits.
Opinion: Why are the DFB prioritizing China over local clubs?
China's under-20 team will soon be able to hold regular friendlies against German fourth tier sides, triggering protests by clubs and fans alike. The plan is a grave miscalculation by the DFB, argues DW's Felix Tamsut.
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Saving the environment starts with people
Meet the Kenyan eco-ambassadors from DW's popular environmental show Eco@Africa. Whether it is waste reduction or innovative ideas, these individuals set an example for how Africa can address its biggest eco-challenges.
World in Progress: Shattered hopes and New Lives
Topics: Spanish enclave in North Africa attracts thousands of African migrants - In Miami, musicians battle the dangers of gun violence - drug clinic in Dakar helps people fight addiction -  A heaven for classic beetles and other VW cars in a backyard of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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