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These Symptoms May Signal Kidney Cancer

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These Symptoms May Signal Kidney Cancer
If you have a small tumor, you might not notice any signs of this common cancer. But larger ones can cause these problems.
What Losing 5% of Your Weight Can Do for You
You don't have to slim down to your high school size to get real health benefits. Losing just a few pounds can improve everything from your cholesterol to your cancer risk.
The Truth About Walking's Health Benefits
How many minutes of brisk walking should you do each week if you want to lose weight? Step up and get the answer to this and other questions.
Top Cancer-Fighting Foods and Drinks
Putting more colorful vegetables on your plate, turning to asparagus and eggs, and eating these other foods may help you lower your chances.
Cardiac Arrest: What You Should Know
This life-threatening condition happens quickly and requires immediate treatment. Would you be able to recognize it?
Ticks and the Diseases They Spread
Summertime is the height of tick season. If you've been bitten, keep an eye out for these symptoms.
Kidney Problems
Kidney Stones
Kidney Failure
Kidney Infections
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